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Menu “References-References-Base of synonyms”

This base is very important as it contains data on words and their synonyms for the Values generation tool.

Here, you can easily add, edit and delete words and their synonyms.

Primarily, the synonym base is empty but you can download synonym bases for Russian and English languages here:

Synonym Export/Import

You can import synonyms from almost any text format. Click the link “Export/Import-Import from *.txt".

Sb imp eng.png

For example, for a file of synonyms of such kind:
You should set symbol = in field “Delimiter of a word and synonyms”, and symbol * in field “Delimiter of synonyms”.

When importing synonyms, it is reasonable to divide them in categories. This way you will get groups of words-synonyms that fit certain subject areas.
The program supports morphology of Russian and English languages. This means that the tool declines the synonyms in cases by itself, consider plural and singular number and so on, and you don't have to do it by yourself.